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Project Idea

OrganisationSoft Targets Protection Institute
Project TitleHuman Factor for the Prevention, Investigation,
H2020 Topic ListNot specified yet
Role within the Consortium* Project Partner
Type of activity* Research
* Training
* Management
* Dissemination
* Commercialisation
* Texting
* Other
Project DescriptionMost of current high impact violent attacks target public areas with low security – holiday markets,
stations, places of religious or culture gathering. The attackers and their accomplices often occur at the area
to the attack to gather information and test the security
Some of the best security agencies (such as Israeli El-Al or US TSA) have effective security methodology to
and react on suspicious signs of behaviour and appearance. However this methodology is limited to few types of
public areas and restricted for public usage
Our intention is to research behaviour and appearance patterns at most vulnerable public areas and to develop a
non-technological methodology of identification and immediate response to suspicious person in a public area
how to re-design the areas in a more secure way.

Proposal content
1. Analyzing previous major attacks on vulnerable public areas (soft targets)
2. Selecting most vulnerable types of soft targets
3. Analyzing the most attractive timing, and localization of the attacks
4. Contextual and behavior analysis of the most vulnerable soft targets – anchoring the routine of human
and appearance to profiles
5. Identification of the divergent patterns of behavior and appearance
6. Defining the suspicious signs of behavior and appearance for most vulnerable public areas
7. Identification of possible stress factors on the perpetrators
8. Identification of architectural components accentuating the suspicious signs
9. Defining appropriate communication techniques with suspected person
10. Defining appropriate design and architectural adjustments