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Project Idea

OrganisationDITS.center e.V.
Project TitleProjRD - Partnership in R&D projects related to National Security
H2020 Topic ListSU-FCT02-2018-2019-2020: Technologies to enhance the fight against crime and terrorism
Role within the Consortium* Project Coordinator
Type of activity* Technology development
* Research
* Management
* Dissemination
* Commercialisation
Project DescriptionOur prosperity and competitiveness are based on the strength of research and science and the innovativeness and competitiveness of our industry. Strategies for brainstorming, technical and business review and the building of suitable project groups are essential for success, effectiveness and efficiency. The goals of the participating institutions, resources, own abilities, knowledge and experience gaps, strategic partnerships and the market must be taken into account.

Innovations are also demanded in the market for civil security in particular. DITS participates with its members in consortiums and contributes actively to all project phases. Various disciplines from research, application and marketing, leadership and corporate management as well as legal aspects are represented. DITS complements young and motivated researchers and developers with the many years of experience of successful executives and entrepreneurial personalities.

DITS aims to initiate and support promising projects for security applications. In addition to technical specifications, all criteria that could have an influence on later use are taken into account. Interested members from the scientific community, users and developers define dedicated, project-specific working groups. Necessary agreements for the implementation of the project are identified and concluded. Later relevant questions regarding the use of the results will be addressed and clarified at an early stage.