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Forceapp BV (Forceapp)


Organisation Type

Stationsplein 45
+31 64 905 7384


Contact person

Peter Tjia (CEO)

Field of Activity

» Digital forensics

» Navigation, guidance, control and tracking
» Scenario development and decision support
» Policy development

» ICT applications
» Communication equipment and technologies
» Electronic authentication
» Intelligence systems
» Cyber security
» Network technologies

Core competencies

ForceApp BV is a leading worldwide service provider for IT security and consultating, active in the following business sectors:
• Safe Cities Policies and IoT-enabled solutions and projects,
• Homeland Security Solutions for Critical Infrastructures Protection (cyber & physical),
• Security Information Management Systems,
• Consultation Services to Federal Security Agencies and Governmental Institutes,
• Design and business development of holistic security solutions.

ForceApp BV supports enterprises in designing and incorporating cybersecurity into their IT infrastructure in a manner, which supports their business strategy. The company delivers IT security excellence through operational ICT systems and security solutions, as well as consulting services, which all address the security requirements of enterprises while effectively tackling the challenges of tomorrow.

ForceApp BV focuses in providing enterprises with Business Critical Services for:
• Reducing Risks
• Reducing Costs
• Growing business
• Creating a reliable information security apparatus.

The interdisciplinary team of ForceApp BV consists of highly-ranked security personnel and experts in Homeland Security and Defense with many man-years of relevant experience in international projects and works, cooperating with international organizations and governmental agencies as well as private entities.

Horizon Europe Research Focus

  • FCT01 - Modern information analysis for fighting crime and terrorism
  • CL3-2021-FCT-01-01: Terrorism and other forms of serious crime countered using travel intelligence
  • FCT04 - Increased security of citizens against terrorism, including in public spaces
  • CL3-2021-FCT-01-07: Improved preparedness on attacks to public spaces
  • FCT04 - Increased security of citizens against terrorism, including in public spaces
  • CL3-2022-FCT-01-04: Public spaces are protected while respecting privacy and avoiding mass surveillance
  • BM01 – Efficient border surveillance and maritime security
  • CL3-2021-BM-01-01: Enhanced security and management of borders, maritime environment, activities and transport, by increased surveillance capability, including high altitude, long endurance aerial support
  • BM02 - Secured and facilitated crossing of external borders
  • CL3-2021-BM-01-02: Increased safety, security, performance of the European Border and Coast Guard and of European customs authorities
  • CL3-2021-BM-01-03: Improved border checks for travel facilitation across external borders and improved experiences for both passengers and border authorities staff
  • BM01 – Efficient border surveillance and maritime security
  • CL3-2022-BM-01-01: Improved underwater detection and control capabilities to protect maritime areas and sea harbours
  • INFRA01 – Improved preparedness and response for large-scale disruptions of European infrastructures
  • CL3-2021-INFRA-01-01: European infrastructures and their autonomy safeguarded against systemic risks
  • CL3-2021-INFRA-01-02: Ensured infrastructure resilience in case of Pandemics
  • INFRA02 - Resilient and secure smart cities
  • CL3-2022-INFRA-01-02: Autonomous systems used for infrastructure protection
  • CS01 - Secure and resilient digital infrastructures and interconnected systems
  • CL3-2021-CS-01-01: Dynamic business continuity and recovery methodologies based on models and prediction for multi-level Cybersecurity
  • CS03 - Cybersecurity and disruptive technologies
  • CL3-2021-CS-01-03: AI for cybersecurity reinforcement
  • CS05 - Human-centric security, privacy and ethics
  • CL3-2021-CS-01-04: Scalable privacy-preserving technologies for cross- border federated computation in Europe involving personal data
  • CS04 - Smart and quantifiable security assurance and certification shared across Europe
  • CL3-2022-CS-01-04: Development and validation of processes and tools used for agile certification of ICT products, ICT services and ICT processes
  • DRS01 - Societal Resilience: Increased risk Awareness and preparedness of citizens
  • CL3-2021-DRS-01-01: Improved understanding of risk exposure and its public awareness in areas exposed to multi-hazards
  • DRS02 - Improved Disaster Risk Management and Governance
  • CL3-2021-DRS-01-02: Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction for extreme climate events: from early warning systems to long term adaptation and resilience building
  • CL3-2021-DRS-01-03: Enhanced assessment of disaster risks, adaptive capabilities and scenario building based on available historical data and projections
  • DRS03 - Strengthened capacities of first and second responders
  • CL3-2021-DRS-01-05: Fast deployed mobile laboratories to enhance situational awareness for pandemics and emerging infectious diseases
  • DRS01 - Societal Resilience: Increased risk Awareness and preparedness of citizens
  • CL3-2022-DRS-01-01: Enhanced citizen preparedness in the event of a disaster or crisis-related emergency
  • CL3-2022-DRS-01-02: Enhanced preparedness and management of High- Impact Low-Probability or unexpected events
  • CL3-2022-DRS-01-03: Improved quality assurance / quality control of data used in decision-making related to risk management of natural hazards, accidents and CBRN events
  • DRS02 - Improved Disaster Risk Management and Governance
  • DRS03 - Strengthened capacities of first and second responders
  • CL3-2022-DRS-01-07: Improved international cooperation addressing first responder capability gaps
  • SSRI 01 - Stronger pillars of security Research and Innovation

RTD Experience

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Other Security Research Projects GSA: GAUSS
(Galileo-EGNOS as an Asset for UTM Safety and Security)

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