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Population Protection Institute (PPI)

Research and Science

Organisation Type

Na Luzci 204
Lazne Bohdanec
Czech Republic
+420 950 580 405
Research Organisation


Contact person

Jitka Collisova

Field of Activity

» Biology
» Radiology
» Chemistry

» Rescue and relief services

Core competencies

Research activities of our chemical team consists of 4 main competencies:
1. chemical reconnaissance and methods of field analysis within the FRS CR
Research activities in the field of chemical reconnaissance are focused on verifying and processing new methodologies concerning analysis of hazardous chemicals and chemical warfare agents in the field, using mobile chemical laboratories. It also deals with further research on the use of remote detection of dangerous chemicals during emergency situations, etc.
2. laboratory testing in stationary chemical laboratories of the regional FRS HZS
This scope of work covers in particular analyses of organic substances in various matrices using method of gas chromatography with mass detector, a research of the procedures relating to the identification of burning accelerants within the scope of eliciting the causes of fires, and determining fire-technical characteristics of materials
3. protection of population in cases of a misuse of chemical warfare agents in public buildings
Research in this area is based on an experiment, whereby an imitant of a chemical substance is disseminated within a Department Store. A draft of the measures for minimizing consequences of the toxic substance misuse will be the result of the experiment.
4. decontamination of chemical, warfare, and other dangerous substances
Research in the field of decontamination among others also focuses on testing new prospective decontamination mixtures, and verifying procedures and means of decontamination at low temperatures.

Our Radiation and Biological protection section takes part in the Czech Republic National Radiation Monitoring Network (NRMN) and conducts and practices rescue interventions and population protection. These activities may have a radiation subtext. This section also took an active part in EU projectS SAGBATA and BIO-PROTECT.

The Warning & Information Section is in charge of emergency notification system that alerts residents about major incidents, disasters, floods and weather related incidents. Our specialists also organize courses for relevant personnel who are in charge of early warning and notification and they also regularly test all the equipment needed.
This section is currently working on a research project called “Warning, notification and emergency alerting of Czech citizens”. This project aims to draft procedures of experimental testing procedures, verify new communication technologies and experimental trials.
The other project, assigned by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in conjunction with Technical University in Brno is called “Research and Development of new communication technologies in the area of warning and notification” which aspires to propose a new conception of providing organizationally-technical support for notification of citizens, crisis management authorities and Integrated Rescue Units in the Czech Republic in 2010 to 2016 with the view of 2025.

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