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University of Security Management in Košice (USMKE)

Department of Science and Research

Organisation Type

Košťova 1
Slovak Republic
+421 556223469


Contact person

Prof. Ing. Ph.D. Vladimír Sedlák (vice-rector for science and research)

Field of Activity

» Logistics
» Transport systems
» Space & satellite technologies

» ICT applications

» Human Sciences
» Social Sciences

Core competencies

The University of Security Management in Košice (hereinafter USM Košice) was established in 2006, but its foundations and focus of the study were laid in 2001. It was connected with establishment of the detached office Faculty of Special Engineering, the University of Žilina in Košice. In the contrast to other private universities was the establishment of the university laid on five years experience of detached office in Košice and Faculty of Special Engineering, the University of Žilina
Educational and scientific potential which was created during the development of the security management on Faculty of Special Engineering and its detached office in Košice significantly helped to develop and formed the USM Košice.
Scientific and technical cooperation between the Faculty of Special Engineering, the University of Žilina and the USM Košice is socially necessary and beneficial for the development of crime prevention in all areas such as: the management of security systems, the economic security, the security of information and communication technologies, the safety in transport and transport infrastructure and the environmental security.
Nowadays the USM Košice organizes the university education in the study programme “Management of Security Systems” and field of study “Protection of Persons and Property” for the 1st level of university education (Bc.) and 2nd level of university education (Ing.). The University has approximately 3,000 students in each academic year. The main aim of the USM Košice is to provide the university education in area theoretical and practical knowledge of the crime (mainly on the issue of the reasons and consequences for the individual and society as a whole).
The study is for members of the Police of SR, the Custom Administration, the Public Administration, The Private Security Services, The Armed Forces of SR, but also for everybody who is interested in studying the security of citizens and their economic activities, in the area of the environmental security, the information and communication security and the safety of transport infrastructure.
Currently, the field of study “Protection of Persons and Property” is accepted by the Ministry of Interior and a great number of students are from the Police Force. However, the USM Košice provides wider possibilities to applied knowledge in everyday life, business, of security systems development, personal but also in business life in the contrast with the university education at the Police Academy. The strategic aim of the USM in the area of education is to provide the university education in all three levels.
The USM is incorporated to the group of universities with name “the non-faculty university”. The organizational structure is divided into the Rector, the Bursar, five institutes, but one of them (the Institute Humanitarian and Technological Sciences) has five departments. A separate organizational unit is the academic library and the Department of Science, Research and Foreign intercommunications.
Institutes are located in separate blocks of learning, while importance in the establishment of institutes was put on absolute autonomy, infrastructure, input and output blocks to school. This solution is focused on the university education and everyday student life in the spirit of internal order the USM Košice and targeted promotion of preparing students for their future careers.
The USM Košice has involved in scientific and research activity based on basic and applied research since 2006. The USM Košice considers research and development activities for its primary and permanent role. Scientific and research projects are focused through the security management on all specific areas of human life and existence. The dominant feature of these projects is the protection of people and property oriented in the field of security of the environment, the economy, the transport and the transport infrastructure, the logistics, the information systems and the industry. Specific projects in specific areas carry criminalistics and criminology related mainly to crime prevention. Scientific research projects of basic and applied research are solved at the national and international level.
The USM Košice creates sufficient material, quality and technical basis in the form of research and technical laboratories with equivalent instrument park for successful solving of scientific research projects. The USM Košice was solving during the last six years scientific research projects under the guarantee of their own academic staff resp. in corporation with more academic and research institutions, government organizations but also with private companies and companies from practice.
In the process of the transfer of scientific knowledge from the research activities the university focused on their practical application in practice of many businesses, the Government Entities and State Authorities, especially the Police of SR at almost all levels of management. Outputs of several scientific research projects mainly of applied character helped to solve a crime prevention offending people especially the youth, in many aspects helped to increase safety in transport and transport infrastructure, security in logistics and environmental information systems.

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