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Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Transcrime (TRANSCRIME)

Organisation Type

L.go Gemelli, 1


Contact person

Professor Ernesto Ugo Savona (Professor)

Field of Activity

» Scenario development and decision support
» Foresight systems
» Policy development
» Law enforcement

» Human Sciences
» Social Sciences
» Political Sciences
» Legal Sciences

Core competencies

Transcrime is the Joint research center of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, the Alma Mater Studiorum
Università di Bologna and the Università degli Studi di Perugia.
Transcrime analyses criminal phenomena and strategies for preventing and combating crime by
means of an integrated approach including a wide range of fields such as criminology, law,
economics, statistics, sociology and psychology. It aims at identifying innovative solutions for
improving the efficacy and effectiveness of policies to prevent and combat criminal activities at
local, national and international level, and also provides technical assistance.
Transcrime areas of interest include criminal phenomena in general. In recent years, Transcrime has conducted
research and provided technical assistance in connection with terrorism, economic and
corporate crime, organized crime, corruption, analysis and future development of criminal activities,
urban security, counterfeiting, illegal immigration and human trafficking.

H2020 Research Focus

  • Protecting the infrastructure of Europe and the people in the European smart cities
  • Fight against Crime and Terrorism
  • SU-FCT01-2018-2019-2020: Human factors, and social, societal, and organisational aspects to solve issues in fighting against crime and terrorism
  • SU-FCT02-2018-2019-2020: Technologies to enhance the fight against crime and terrorism
  • SU-FCT03-2018-2019-2020: Information and data stream management to fight against (cyber)crime and terrorism
  • Border and External Security
  • SU-BES01-2018-2019-2020: Human factors, and social, societal, and organisational aspects of border and external security
  • SU-BES02-2018-2019-2020: Technologies to enhance border and external security
  • SU-BES03-2018-2019-2020: Demonstration of applied solutions to enhance border and external security

RTD Experience

 Project CoordinatorProject PartnerProject Acronyms
FP7/H2020-Security• IPATCH - Piracy Avoidance using Threat detection and
Countermeasure Heuristics (Funded by: EC_FP7 Programme) –
Project Partner (year 2014-2017)

• DIGIWHIST-The Digital Whistleblower. Fiscal Transparency,
Risk Assessment and Impact of Good Governance Policies
Assessed (Funded by: EC_H2020 Programme) - Project Partner
(year 2015-2018)

• PROTON - Modelling the PRocesses leading to Organised crime
and TerrOrist Networks (Funded by: EC_H2020 Programme) -
Project Coordinator (year 2016-2019)
National Security Research Projects• Italian Operative Programme for the Development
of Southern Italy 2000 - 2006. Contract for a Study
aimed at Defining Impact Indicators (Funded by:
Ministry of the Interior ) - Project Coodinator

• Italian Operative Programme 2007 - 2013: I beni
sequestrati e confiscati alle organizzazioni criminali
nelle regioni dellObiettivo Convergenza: dalle strategie
di investimento della criminalità allimpiego di fondi
comunitari nel riutilizzo dei beni già destinati
(Funded by: Ministry of the Interior ) - Project
Other Security Research Projects IKOC - Improving Knowledge on Organized Crime to develop a
common European approach under the VI Framework Project
for Scientific Research and Technological Development (Funded
by: European Commission) – Project Coordinator (year 2004-

• MARC – Developing Mechanism for Assessing the Risk of
Crime due to legislation and products in order to proof them
against crime at EU level (Funded by: EC under the Sixth
European Union
Framework Programme) – Project Coordinator (2005-2006)

• FAKES - Fighting Against brand counterfeiting in three Key
European member states. Towards a more comprehensive
strategy (Funded by: European Commission) – Project
Coordinator (year 2009-2011)

• CARDS - Development of monitoring instruments for
judicial and law enforcement institutions in the Western
Balkans (Funded by: European Commission) – Project
Coordinator (2009-2011)

• Study on the application of the regulation on information
accompanying transfers of funds (Funded by: EU_DG MARKT) -
Project Partner (year 2011/2012)

• The fight against trafficking in human beings in EU:
promoting legal cooperation and victims protection (Funded by:
EC_DG HOME) - Project Partner (year 2011-2014)

• EU Survey to assess the level and impact of crimes against
business (Funded by: EC_DG HOME) – Project Partner (year

• BOWNET – identifying the Beneficial OWner of legal
entities in the fight against money laundering NETworks
(Funded by: : EC_DG HOME) – Project Coordinator (year

• OCP_Organized Crime Portfolio (Funded by: EC_DG HOME)
– Project Coordinator (year 2012/2014)

• ARIEL-Assessing the Risk of the Infiltration of Organised
Crime in EU MSs Legitimate Economie: a Pilot Project in 5 EU
Countries (Funded by: : EC_DG HOME) – Project Coordinator
(year 2013/2015)

• Study on the possibilities to exchange information between
administrative bodies and traditional law enforcement
organisations to apply administrative measures within EU MS
and at EU level (Funded by: : EC_DG HOME) - Project Partner
(year 2013-2014)

•EBOCS European Business Owners and Control Structure
(Funded by: : EC_DG HOME) – Project Partner (year 2014/2015)

• CEREU-Countering Extortion and Racketeering in EU
(Funded by : EC_DG HOME) - Project Partner (year 2014-2016)

• FIRE-Fighting illicit firearms trafficking routes and actors
at European level (Funded by: EC_DG HOME) - Project
Coordinator (year 2014-2015)

• IARM-Identifying and Assessing the Risk of Money
laundering in Europe (Funded by: EC_DG HOME) - Project
Coordinator (year 2014-2016)

• MORE - Modelling and mapping the risk of Serious and
Organised Crime infiltration in legitimate businesses across
European territories and sectors (Funded by: EC_DG HOME) -
Project Coordinator (year 2016-2018)

• BLOCKWASTE – Blocking the Loopholes for Illicit Waste
Trafficking (Funded by: EC_DG HOME) - Project Partner (year

• TRAIN TRAINING Transfer Radicalisation Approaches in
Training (Funded by: EC_DG Justice) - Project Partner (year

•European Business Ownership and Control Structures - Phase II
(Funded by: EC_DG HOME) - Project Partner (year 2017-2019)

Inserted / Updated
2012-07-18 / 2018-10-29