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University of Stavanger (UiS)

Safety, Economics and Planning

Organisation Type

Kjell Arholms gate 41,
(+44) 7759403010
Research Organisation


Contact person

Dr Tegg Westbrook (Associate Professor)

Field of Activity

» Urban planning
» Space & satellite technologies

» Navigation, guidance, control and tracking
» Rescue and relief services
» Law enforcement

» Communication equipment and technologies
» Cyber security
» Smart Systems
» Radio Frequency (RFID)

» Human Sciences
» Social Sciences
» Political Sciences

Core competencies

I am Associate Professor at the Department of Safety, Economics and Planning at the Faculty of Science
and Technology. I am Study Programme leader for the Urban Planning and Societal Safety, and lead a
master course in Resilient Cities.

My research interests are in the trade and use of military, security, and police technologies and their
social and political impacts. I specialise in smart home security, perimeter security, satellite navigation
systems, autonomous systems, criminology and counterterrorism.

I am currently researching the vulnerabilities of satellite navigation systems from electronic interference
from portable jamming and spoofing devices (RF).

I am also developing a assessment for making proportional and cost-effective decisions for the protection
of urban spaces from crime and terrorism threats.

Horizon Europe Research Focus

  • FCT01 - Modern information analysis for fighting crime and terrorism
  • CL3-2021-FCT-01-01: Terrorism and other forms of serious crime countered using travel intelligence
  • FCT03 - Enhanced prevention, detection and deterrence of societal issues related to various forms of crime
  • CL3-2021-FCT-01-06: Domestic and sexual violence are prevented and combated
  • FCT04 - Increased security of citizens against terrorism, including in public spaces
  • CL3-2021-FCT-01-07: Improved preparedness on attacks to public spaces
  • FCT05 - Organised crime prevented and combated
  • FCT04 - Increased security of citizens against terrorism, including in public spaces
  • CL3-2022-FCT-01-04: Public spaces are protected while respecting privacy and avoiding mass surveillance
  • INFRA01 – Improved preparedness and response for large-scale disruptions of European infrastructures
  • CL3-2021-INFRA-01-01: European infrastructures and their autonomy safeguarded against systemic risks
  • CS03 - Cybersecurity and disruptive technologies
  • CL3-2021-CS-01-03: AI for cybersecurity reinforcement
  • CS01 - Secure and resilient digital infrastructures and interconnected systems
  • CL3-2022-CS-01-01: Improved monitoring of threats, intrusion detection and response in complex and heterogeneous digital systems and infrastructures
  • DRS01 - Societal Resilience: Increased risk Awareness and preparedness of citizens
  • CL3-2021-DRS-01-01: Improved understanding of risk exposure and its public awareness in areas exposed to multi-hazards
  • DRS02 - Improved Disaster Risk Management and Governance
  • CL3-2021-DRS-01-02: Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction for extreme climate events: from early warning systems to long term adaptation and resilience building
  • DRS01 - Societal Resilience: Increased risk Awareness and preparedness of citizens
  • CL3-2022-DRS-01-01: Enhanced citizen preparedness in the event of a disaster or crisis-related emergency
  • CL3-2022-DRS-01-02: Enhanced preparedness and management of High- Impact Low-Probability or unexpected events
  • DRS02 - Improved Disaster Risk Management and Governance
  • CL3-2022-DRS-01-05: Improved impact forecasting and early warning systems supporting the rapid deployment of first responders in vulnerable areas
  • DRS03 - Strengthened capacities of first and second responders
  • CL3-2022-DRS-01-07: Improved international cooperation addressing first responder capability gaps
  • SSRI 01 - Stronger pillars of security Research and Innovation
  • CL3-2021-SSRI-01-01: A maturity assessment framework for security technologies

RTD Experience

 Project CoordinatorProject PartnerProject Acronyms
Other Security Research Projects 1. I was Honorary Fellow at the Centre for the Study of
Terrorism and Political Violence
(CSTPV) at the University of St. Andrews, UK, which looks
at the GNSS spoofing and
jamming and its implications for manned and autonomous
vehicles. The findings of this
research will be published in Dec 2021.

2. I am involved in Trolltunga Bilateral Fund in the field of
Higher Education
Institutions. The initiative aims to develop and improve
research cooperation between
the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of
Stavanger and the Faculty of
Transportation Sciences of the Czech Technical University
(FTS CTU) in Prague. The
main focus of the bilateral cooperation is to exchange and
broaden knowledge about
planning in the context of smart and resilient cities. High
relevance is given to
education, student exchange, and research.

3. I am assisting in tasks and working packages for RiskSec
2.0. The overall project
objective is to analyse how climate change adaptation
(CCA) takes place in a
multilevel risk governance context, by combining two
theoretical perspectives: risk
governance and securitisation.

Inserted / Updated
2021-06-16 / 2021-06-16