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iSolutions LLC (iSolutions)


Organisation Type

Kyiv, Ukraine


Contact person

Dr. Igor Kotsiuba (Partner R&I)

Field of Activity

» Medical Sciences

» Energy - generation/storage/distribution
» Urban planning
» Transport systems
» Aerospace technologies
» Railway technologies

» Navigation, guidance, control and tracking
» Scenario development and decision support
» Simulators, trainers and artificial environments
» Policy development
» Law enforcement

» Electronics, Microelectronics

» ICT applications
» Communication equipment and technologies
» Electronic authentication
» Intelligence systems
» Artificial intelligence/robotics
» Cyber security
» Software, Data Processing
» Network technologies
» Smart Systems

» Ethic Research
» Legal Sciences

Core competencies

ISOLUTIONS LLC is an R&D and innovation driven SME, founded in 2010, and it is one of the leading
providers of ICT equipment and solutions in Ukraine for enterprise, government and academia, being
digital transformation facilitator and cybersecurity agency, ISOLUTIONS delivers innovative solutions
with a cross-domain impact

ISOLUTIONS LLC has many partnerships in Ukraine working with producers and endusers countrywide,
was involved in creating NCP network and can provide a full sub-consortium, including industrial
manufacturers, academia, large enterprises and SMEs including. Being involved in ICT, cybersecurity
and eHealth transformation in Ukraine, we are regularly supported by corresponding Ministries in our
EU funded projects.

iSolutions is an official reseller and engineering company of leading products and solutions for
cybersecurity and information protection, optimization, visualization and control of applications,
analysis and optimization of network policies, behavioral analysis of users, secure communications, as
well as data storage systems and DPI solutions from leading world manufacturers in Ukraine.

The company’s portfolio includes products of such well-known global manufacturers as: Panda Security,
A10 Networks, Tufin, Thales (SafeNet), Ribbon communications (Sonus), Maipu, Infinidat, Mitel,
Guidance as well as our own products for Digital Forensics, Threat Intelligence and Resilience

In a short time, we have built working principles that are based on an individual approach to the needs
of each client and which all employees of the company adhere to: focus on long-term, mutually
beneficial partnerships, fulfillment of obligations, mutual respect.

We are constantly working on building a competitive portfolio of solutions and expanding the range of
products offered. The company employs only highly qualified specialists who have been trained directly
by manufacturers and have all the necessary certificates.

We not only strengthen relations with existing customers, but also work to attract new ones thanks to
well-developed, technologically and cost-effective solutions. We provide consultations for technical
specialists of our partners, work on architecture of large scale industrial systems protection.

With the help of our engineers who have been trained on the basis of our vendors, we can provide
comprehensive technical support to partners. Being involved in challenging digital transformation and
cybersecurity capacity building projects funded by EU and international customers, today we have
dedicated team to develop and innovate our own cybersecurity products and platforms

iSolutions, being for more than decade a partner for telecom and national operators, now acts as a
think tank for 5G enhanced capabilities integration, cybersecurity of 5G networks and supply chain
deep risk management, we provide and foster new possibilities for growth and business with 5G in
health care, self-driving cars and 5G related security domain management.

One of the leading 5G security problems, according to experts, is the increase in the number of possible
attack vectors as the number of network slices designed for different types of traffic increases. And
given the enormous amount of sensors of the Internet of things and other endpoints that will be served
by 5G networks, it would seem that virtually unlimited possibilities open up for attackers.

The notorious “slicing” of the core network into logical segments can stand in their way, which isolates
them from each other, placing each in a kind of “quarantine”. That will give 5G networks more security
than a “single” 4G network – each segment will have to be hacked separately

he energy of countries and entire regions on a global scale is undergoing extensive systemic changes
triggered by a variety of global challenges. For Ukrainian electric power industry our team is mainly
focused at Cybersecurity of Grids, DLT for Internet of Energy and AI, ML and modeling in energy.

The existing technological structure in the electric power industry has reached the limit of its
effectiveness and in a number of areas where consumers have higher requirements for reliability,
quality, availability, environmental friendliness of energy supply, will have less competitiveness
compared to the solutions of the new (digital ) energy. The main changes will affect the electricity
sector, which is in close proximity to consumers and is based on the infrastructure of distribution. And
the structural and technological features of building energy systems will resemble the Internet, so the
new approach is often referred to as Internet of Energy. We believe that the transformation of energy
based on the new architecture will affect Ukraine.

The traditional, centralized architecture for constructing electric power systems has largely exhausted
its efficiency potential and in the face of new challenges facing the energy sector in different countries
of the world.

The most significant challenges for the development of the electric power industry today are:

Changing the nature of consumer demand: increasing the diversity and dynamics of requirements and
the transition to “digital” demand (demand for electricity with special parameters: direct current, low
voltage, high quality)
The decrease in efficiency: low utilization of existing network and generating capacities and increase in
the cost of operating energy systems
“Energy transition” (decarbonization, decentralization, digitalization): the rapid spread of renewable
energy, distributed energy, new business models and services based on the use of digital technologies
Development of uninhabited and infrastructurally undeveloped territories: the need for efficient energy
supply to remote and isolated territories

Horizon Europe Research Focus

RTD Experience

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2020-03-26 / 2020-03-26