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Project Idea

Project TitlePolicy, ethical, legal aspects - Compliance and Impact Assessment
Horizon Europe Topic ListCL3-2021-DRS-01-03: Enhanced assessment of disaster risks, adaptive capabilities and scenario building based on available historical data and projections
Role within the Consortium* Project Partner
Type of activity* Research
* Management
* Other
Project DescriptionProject-wide, collaborative, activity-based approach on Compliance and Impact Assessment, in order to ensure
policy, ethical and legal aspects to be covered systematically and proactively during the whole project:

o Compliance Assessment consists of the identification of relevant disciplines that apply to the project
objectives and activities and which need to be taken into account as orientations and guiding principles or which
need to be fulfilled as mandatory obligations in order be compliant and to avoid liability issues.

o Innovative activities in research projects can create new applications, new procedures and raise new issues
that might impact the current status quo. These cases should be identified during the project and need to be
assessed to be compliant with mandatory obligations and can be used as the basis for policy, legal, ethical
recommendations as project output. The identification of these cases and their impact on the project activities
and results is the specific focus of Impact Assessment.