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Project Idea

OrganisationStam S.r.l.
Project TitleLooking for a H2020 partnership
H2020 Topic ListNot specified yet
Role within the Consortium* Project Partner
Type of activity* Technology development
* Research
* Dissemination
* Exploitation
* Other
Project DescriptionWe have a significant experience in EU projects since FP4 until H2020. In particular we have been involved in
the following security projects, funded by DG Research: TERAEYE (2007-2011), SECUREMETRO (2010-2013),
FAIR Stations (2017-2019); and by DG Home Affairs: DAISY (2014-2016), RAMPART (2014-2016). We have been
the coordinator of DAISY and FAIR Stations.

Thanks to these and other projects we have matured the following skills and know-how, that we can bring in a
collaborative project:
- Risk assessment and cost benefit analysis of countermeasures in critical infrastructures
- Strategic decision-support toolbox for cost-effective security resource planning
- Analysis and simulation of explosion effects and consequences on vehicles and structures
- Crow modelling and simulation
- Drones capturing system based on nets

Besides we can offer the following:
- Partnership with key players in security and defence
- Strong relationship with EU key transport stakeholders and operators

In particular, for the SU-INFRA01-2018 topic, we can offer the following:
- Innovative risk assessment methodology for prevention and mitigation of physical and cyber attacks to critical
- Impact and cost benefit analysis of security countermeasures.
- Modelling of critical infrastructures and attack scenarios.
- Crowd modelling and simulation.
- Strategic decision-support toolbox for cost-effective risk management and security resource planning.
- Critical Infrastructure managers and operators.

Further topics of interest for us are:
- SU-DRS01-2018 Human factors, and social, societal, and organisational aspects for disaster-resilient societies
- SU-DS01-2018 Cybersecurity preparedness - cyber range, simulation and economics
- SU-DRS02-2018 Technologies for first responders
- SU-ICT-01-2018 Dynamic countering of cyber-attacks