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Project Idea

OrganisationStam S.r.l.
Project TitleLooking for a H2020 partnership
H2020 Topic ListSU-INFRA01-2018-2019-2020: Prevention, detection, response and mitigation of combined physical and cyber threats to critical infrastructure in Europe
Role within the Consortium* Project Partner
Type of activity* Technology development
* Research
* Dissemination
* Exploitation
* Other
Project DescriptionStam is an Italian engineering SME providing engineering and consulting services in the following sectors:
security and transports, space and defence, automation and robotics, energy and environment. A large part of
our activities is related to security aspects of critical infrastructures.

In particular we can contribute as WP or Task leader, providing the following expertise:
• Quantitative risk-assessment of critical infrastructures against human threats and natural hazards.
• Cost-benefit analysis of security measures to balance security performance and cost.
• Security management and decision-support platforms for operators and security managers for the
prevention and mitigation of attacks to critical infrastructures and extreme natural events.
• Agent-based modelling and simulation of threat and hazard scenarios to assess impacts, identify possible
improvements to operations and infrastructures.
• Modelling of infrastructures and public spaces, which are potential targets of terrorist attacks.
• Agent-based modelling and simulation of citizens behaviour in operational and attack scenarios which
require an evacuation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=It2dfS_ZFM8).
• Modelling and simulation of reference attack scenarios, to develop protection measures applicable to
different targets.
• Identification of weak points and possible improvements to security operations and infrastructure to
improve the security level of infrastructures and public spaces.
• Virtual assessment of different measures and procedures to protect infrastructures and public spaces
against terrorist threats.
• Analysis and simulation of blast effects and consequences to structures and vehicles.
• Drones capturing system based on nets.
• Advanced robotics and automation solutions, including control systems based on data or physical
modelling, monitoring and data processing systems.
• Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques.

Thanks to our wide contacts networks we can involve use-cases, operators and/or additional partners, as
needed. We are also a founding member of START 4.0 (https://www.start4-0.it/), the Italian Competence
Centre for the Security and Optimization of Strategic Infrastructures, and a member of the Italian CBRN-P3
cluster (https://cbrnitalia.it/en/), a technological, industrial and institutional cluster focused on prevention
and protection of the citizens and the environment from CBRN risks.

Our topics of interest in 2020:
• SU-INFRA01: Prevention, detection, response and mitigation of combined physical and cyber threats to
critical infrastructure in Europe
• SU-DRS03: Pre-normative research and demonstration for disaster-resilient societies
• SU-DRS01: Human factors, and social, societal, and organisational aspects for disaster-resilient societies
• SU-DRS02: Technologies for first responders
• SU-FCT03: Information and data stream management to fight against (cyber)crime and terrorism
• SU-BES01: Human factors, and social, societal, and organisational aspects of border and external security
• SU-BES02: Technologies to enhance border and external security
• SU-DS04: Cybersecurity in the Electrical Power and Energy System (EPES): an armour against cyber and
privacy attacks and data breaches
• SU-AI02: Secure and resilient Artificial Intelligence technologies, tools and solutions in support of Law
Enforcement and citizen protection, cybersecurity operations and prevention and protection against
adversarial Artificial Intelligence
• SU-FCT02: Technologies to enhance the fight against crime and terrorism
• SU-FCT01: Human factors, and social, societal, and organisational aspects to solve issues in fighting
against crime and terrorism
• SU-DS02: Intelligent security and privacy management