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Project Idea

OrganisationSeacon Europe Ltd.
Project TitleDigital tracking IoT sevices for data collection/preparation/analysis and providing related additional services
H2020 Topic List
Role within the Consortium* Project Partner
Type of activity* Technology development
* Dissemination
* Commercialisation
* Exploitation
* Demonstration
Project DescriptionDigital tracking IoT sevices for data collection, data preparation, data analysis and providing related additional services in information systems by large companies, in different industries, supply chains, manufacturing. The own-developed basic application provides a service for interpreting and processing the digital logs and parameters, there trough abnormalities can be revealed, threats and possible abuse can be detected, and in addition with the correlation analysis and the analysis of complex long-continued processes the prevention can be effectively achieved. SeaLog monitors not only the IT infrastructure, but also can the information manage on complex way connecting the other solutions working independently (integrated production/production lines, building management or surveillance protection, industrial/factory/production environment) in one system, and can evaluate with state of the art analytical methods based on rules and behavior of digital tracks.