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Project Idea

OrganisationUniversity of Salamanca
Project TitleGeotechnologies applied to fight again crime and terrorism
H2020 Topic ListNot specified yet
Role within the Consortium* Project Partner
Type of activity* Technology development
* Research
Project DescriptionUniversity of Salamanca
TIDOP Research Unit (http://tidop.usal.es)

A Spanish research unit offers three innovative tools for fighting against crime and terrorism.

1) The fisrt tool, FPW-Forensic Photogrammetry Workbench, aims the 3D reconstruction of crime scenes using
digital images acquired with any type of camera, even smartphones and tablets. It is based on the optimization
and development of computer vision, photogrammetric and laser scanning methods and algorithms for 3D
reconstruction and visualization of natural and man-made sites or objects. License, technical cooperation and
commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought. The tool encloses flexibility (coping with any type
of images and camera), automation (passing from 2D to 3D with one click), scalability (customizing the tools to
multiple users and domains) and quality (guarantying high-resolution models even better than the modern laser
scanner systems). http://vimeo.com/87510514

2) The second tool, POLTRIFACE-Police 3D Facial Reconstructor, is a device based on gaming sensor
technology which allows the 3d reconstruction of facial models in real time. As a result, a database of facial 3d
models with metric capabilities can be exploited, and thus criminals be catalogued and identified more

3) The third, an augmented reality platform based on Oculus Rift, allows us to recreate simulated or real
crime scenes. The main objective of this augmented reality tool is becoming the front end of a platform for
educational, training or police officer applications.