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Project Idea

Project TitleAdvanced Geospatial Technology: Big Data, Open Data and Geo Science Data
H2020 Topic ListNot specified yet
Role within the Consortium
Type of activity* Technology development
* Research
* Training
* Commercialisation
* Other
Project DescriptionThis is not an idea but indeed our deep description.

It could be of great added value for a SEC Proposal requesting for BIG DATA, DATA SCIENCE, DASH BOARD AND
OPEN DATA expertise:

Geographica ​ is a technological SME spin-off from the University from Seville (Southern Spain). We are
specialized in advanced geospatial technology and software solutions that integrates, analyze, and display data
(for desktop, web and mobile).

Our approach to software development is not just centered on technology: we put on all our projects a great ​
thematic and specialized knowledge​ . We develop software with the aim to get the greatest understanding of the
data and a proper data analysis with it. ​ We get the most from data through statistics and indicators custom web
tools based on advanced open source technologies. We are specialists in ​ Geodata Science​ . This new information
is of prime importance for citizens, NGOs, policy makers, etc. to assist in the decision making and policy

We rely heavily on ​ Open Source technologies​ . We really like this model, philosophy and the people that make it
possible. We think that much of the worldwide talent in computer sciences are put into Open Source projects,
and they offer the best technical solutions for our own ones.