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Project Idea

OrganisationUniversity of Rijeka
Project TitleAutonomous Service protection through contract certification in open Internet of Services networks
H2020 Topic ListNot specified yet
Role within the Consortium
Type of activity* Technology development
* Research
* Dissemination
* Demonstration
Project DescriptionCurrently, information and communication infrastructure networks are transforming from traditional
information-oriented Internet into an Internet of Services (IoS). Thus, creating and deploying of new services
that are integrated into service composition large scale chains serving the end users on demand is opening a
number of opportunities. Such software systems are becoming large scale complex software systems and open
innovation is becoming key driver for its further evolution. As they are often distributed, heterogeneous,
decentralized and inter-dependent, and operating in dynamic and unpredictable environments, security,
availability and reliability become key properties for its operation and future evolution. The management and
evolution of such systems is becoming hard and cost inefficient. Dynamic operation and configuration are the
key challenges that could affect these key system properties. Run-time certification of system components and
proper autonomous management action could improve its real time operation properties.

Our aim here is to develop innovative approaches for smart and autonomous management of complex system
operation and evolution. More precisely, we want to develop methods and models for run-time service
certification and introduce autonomous management functions on the systems of systems management layer.