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Project Idea

OrganisationGlobaz SA
Project TitleEU Police and Intelligence organisations Integrated approach to uptake of security research and innovation
H2020 Topic ListNot specified yet
Role within the Consortium* Project Partner
Type of activity* Management
* Dissemination
* Exploitation
* Other
Project DescriptionPolice organisations’ development, growth and competitiveness depend greatly on their capacity for Research,
Development and Innovation (RDI). An organisation’s ability to carry out or absorb Research and Development
(R&D) is a decisive factor not only to its own competitive structure but to its productivity and economic growth
in the long-term.

RDI should play a prominent role within organisations; in particular the planning, coordination and management
of organisational and technological RDI programmes to increase the efficiency and the effectiveness. Thus RDI
management is a key asset that must be integrated within the existing management structure achieving in that
way a more creative, competitive and dynamic organisation. This applies especially to police organisations and
can contribute also to promoting the innovation culture within these organisations.

The objective of INTEGRATED-SECURITY is to bring together police organisations and intelligence bodies in
EU/AS in order to discuss and agree on a joint-approach to uptake of security research and innovation that will
break-down barriers for investing in new innovations and technologies as well as sharing of information as part
an integrated cross-border pan-European security strategy. Importantly, this will include interacting with
industry, academia, and other providers of innovative solutions with a view to assessing the feasibility and cost-
benefit of their products and services.