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Project Idea

OrganisationOSF Global Services
Project TitleCrimeMap - Empowerment of Citizens Using GIS Technology and an Innovative Mobile Application
H2020 Topic ListNot specified yet
Role within the Consortium* Project Partner
Type of activity* Technology development
* Research
* Management
* Dissemination
* Commercialisation
* Exploitation
* Demonstration
Project DescriptionProject description

1. Problem:
The trend of urbanization is far from being new; as population continues to migrate from rural areas to large
cities, concerns regarding urban security rise steadily, while the sense of individual powerlessness reaches
unprecedented highs. In the digital era, which promises to deliver byte-sized solutions to enduring problems, it is
necessary to devise intelligent reactions and preventive measures to the tough challenges posed by the ascent of

2. Scope:
The goal of our project is to facilitate real-time interaction between citizens and law enforcement institutions by
providing a “map of criminality” based on reports sent by the users. The project features a mobile application
and a cloud-based platform that will be developed in two directions: one targeted at the authorities and another
intended for the end-user. Our main desire is to increase the empowerment of citizens by encouraging them to
have an active role in the life of the community, by enabling them to notify the competent institutions in case of
an unfortunate event such as violence, robbery, vandalism etc. The expected outcome is an increased trust in
law-enforcement agencies and in their ability to quickly tackle troublesome issues.

3. Methods:
The system will provide extensive statistics as to which types of crime are more frequent in correlation with
location, time of day and other parameters of interest and will enable real-time visualization of population
distribution intended for the authorities, which will be able to send out warnings to the citizens. Multiple layers
will be provided by the maps such that different events may be reported by the users by sending a photo or text
description of the incident. The application will automatically extract the GPS data of the phone and will display
the report on the map (instantly or after a validation step that prevents misuse). The following picture presents a
preliminary graphical user interface for the mobile application:

Users will be shown the locations of the nearest police stations, hospitals and other points of interest and will be
able to request an itinerary of the safest route to a destination of their choice, with a default option featuring
their home address. In case of an emergency, they will have multiple options of requesting assistance (either via
a predefined movement of the phone, by voice control, by calls or texts to an emergency number) and will also be
able to include an emergency contact.

4. Conclusions:
The proposed project is of significant interest to the citizens, as it allows them to react to their environment in a
safe and quick way, while resting assured that the problem receives immediate attention. It is also useful to the
authorities, who will be able to act more efficiently by dispatching their teams precisely on target and thus being
able to solve more cases in the same amount of time.