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Project Idea

OrganisationVelticon LTD
Project TitleMaritime Border Security topic 3: Light optionally piloted vehicles (and sensors) for maritime surveillance
H2020 Topic ListNot specified yet
Role within the Consortium* Project Partner
Type of activity* Management
* Commercialisation
Project DescriptionCoMe Consulting Network, as consultants for maritime security together with a team of ICT security experts,
Velticon Ltd., ( www.velticon.com) and major research and industrial partners (soon to be finalized) will
submit and implement the project RECOMVESS. In the initial phase, all RECOMVESS consortium partners wish to
seek and connect with potential cooperating co-partners who would be interested in this project, and invites
interested entities, Universities (School of Naval Architects & Engineers), researchers and industry partners to
join the corresponding H2020 call (as to complete the consortium) to co-develop light surveillance platforms
reduced operational cost and increased capability of surveillance in high seas.
The result and the deliverable of our R & D is to produce a pilot vessel with low cost fuel requirements capable
sea border surveillance and S & R (Search & Rescue) activities. The uniqueness of this vessel is that it will carry
relatively small unmanned helicopter or VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) which will have a substantial
of activity and which will carry a similar set of detection and surveillance instruments. This aircraft will have
capability of operating independently from the vessel in cases where interisland surveillance is required. There
will be communication between all assets and base stations; the vessel itself will set the standards of
construction. Attention is paid to the compliancy of all rules and regulations pertaining to interoperability
between Border States, EU legislation, safety and insurance. The vessel will analyze and relay maritime
and other environmental data to base. The vessel will be optionally piloted, use Stealth technology and will be
bullet proof and unsinkable. The vessel will have the capability to carry and dispense small surveillance buoys
utilizing GPS technology for maintaining position and which will be dedicated to the base station and the vessel
thus forming a chain of floating data relaying mini stations.
The innovative craft through its operational cost profiles, will possibly contribute to standardisation in
construction and operation.
In the investment evaluation phase and the calculation of the added value for the investors and the society the
overall benefits will be considered.
Following certification, the deliverable vessel – being adapted to the needs of the end users will enter the
of commercialization.
Deadline for expression of interest to participate in the relevant consortium is until August 10, 2014.