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Project Idea

Project TitleFully Homomorphic Encryption (totally privacy and security)
H2020 Topic ListNot specified yet
Role within the Consortium* Project Partner
Type of activity* Technology development
* Research
Project DescriptionIn different type of applications, such as cloud computing, e-voting, e-cash etc. there is
the need to manipulated encrypted data
Typically we have one of the following situations:
-Encrypted data are decrypted before any type of manipulation with a subsequent high level of computational requirements
-Encrypted data can be manipulated applying only few mathematical operations, but cannot do all, in order to preserve the structure of the encrypted data. This is called Partially Homomorphic Encryption.

Homomorphic encryption is a form of encryption which allows specific types of computations to be carried out on cipher text and obtain an encrypted result which decrypted matches the result of operations performed on the plaintext.
For instance, one person could add/multiply/divide two encrypted numbers and then another person could decrypt the result, without either of them being able to find the value of the individual numbers.
An efficient and fully Homomorphic Encryption scheme would enable new kinds of distributed computing.

Cryptolab has developed an Algorithm that allows to manipulated encrypted data applying all the possible SQL queries preserving data structure. One of the most urgent applications of the Fully Homomorphic Encryption is the Cloud
computing, in particular for those industries, such as Financial services, where the Cloud adoption has been restrained by security issues
- Data are sent and stored in the cloud encrypted
- The end-user can access its web/ mobile application and ask for data stored in the Cloud
- The query made by the web( mobile application is translated into NEWQuery (that is a type of “SQLtranslated” query model) on encrypted data
- The NEWQuery calculation is performed and the Cloud provide back data encrypted to the web/ mobile application

Fully Homomorphic Encryption allows to mismatch the service provider and the data owner, allowing the last one to access encrypted data through SQL queries.
It also allow the service provider to make statistics without knowing private data.

Fully Homomorphic Encryption target markets can be grouped as follow:
- IT security companies
- System integrators
- Cloud service providers
- Vertical markets where IT security is key:
- Financial services, Banking and Insurance
- Public sector
- Healthcare