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Project Idea

OrganisationTel Aviv University (TSF)
Project TitlePrivacy management user interfaces
H2020 Topic ListNot specified yet
Role within the Consortium* Project Partner
* Project Coordinator
Type of activity* Technology development
* Dissemination
* Exploitation
* Demonstration
Project DescriptionWe are preparing a proposal for Horizon 2020 on privacy management user interfaces. The topic which the
proposal addresses is Digital Security: Cybersecurity, Privacy and Trust (H2020-DS-2014-1). The focus is on the
demonstration of solutions to protect individuals privacy by default while empowering the users to set the
desired level of privacy, based on a simple to understand visualisation of the privacy level, giving them control
over how their data will be used by service providers.
We are looking for companies that can demonstrate technology solution in this area.